The Mysterious Vega Position

San Jose Options presents a short video to address a claim made by a competitor who criticized our BRIC Strategy through his email campaign, and then at the end of his newsletter he gives his sales pitch about why you should join his "no hype" course.

He claimed that our BRIC strategy was simply a "hyped up" Iron Condor with an ATM Put. According to this Iron Condor teacher, one can achieve a dual Vega position by his method above.

In the video we find that the competitor is absolutely wrong about our strategy and has greatly misinformed the public. He's demonstrated to us all that he doesn't understand how to use second order Greeks such as Vomma.

This is what we commonly see in the option's teaching arena. It's flooded with educators who only understand option Greeks on the surface and are not dedicated to developing innovative and new strategies to cope with today's volatile market conditions. Option traders in general rely on old wisdom which does not match up well with the the realities of today.

For more information about Vomma and other second order Greeks, please visit our website for more comprehensive studies and videos.

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