Options Traders Cafe by San Jose Options

Presenting the Traders Café. San Jose Options believes in the success of the students. We make it a priority. We provide a platform for interaction between our students to collaborate, analyze positions, and to share ideas and trading styles. Whether you are new to options or a seasoned veteran there is always something new to discover in the San Jose Options community.

Trader's Café is live twenty four hours a day for those desiring supplemental education. How does it work? Log onto the Trader's Café, share your desktop and talk right over the internet with your microphone! Schedule a meeting. Work with a friend. Sit down and have an Options Mocha to see who is hanging out at the café. It's just one more reason to become part of the quickly growing trading community at San Jose Options.

Isn't it time to put Maximum Safety, Maximum Reward on your side? Give us a call today! It will be the best investment you ever made. Thank you very much and have a profitable day!

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