About San Jose Options

About San Jose Options

San Jose Options and SJ Options

San Jose Options has been providing options trading education since 2007 through its breakthrough methodologies of low-risk trades which maintain a high probability of producing handsome returns year after year.

We provide various products to the options trading industry.

Options Trading Training Videos

At SanJoseOptions.com you will find a vast collection of options training videos which are mostly based on managing lives positions.

Options Trading Mentoring

At SJOptions.com you will find our hand-holding, options mentoring program.  It’s through this service that we mentor our clients on becoming self-directed investors.

We also provide and develop options trading software which is feature-rich and full of patent-pending technology.  We are true innovators in the field of options, and we’ve been recognized for our innovations throughout the world.

OptionsVideos.com is brought to you by San Jose Options in order to provide the public with free options trading education and to give back to the public as appreciation for the recognition that we’ve received from you over the years.

Thank you very much for your interest in San Jose Options, and we hope you find this free website to be helpful in some way to your option trading education.