SJ Options

SJ Options

SJ Options is a free options trading educational website brought to you buy San Jose Options and SJ Options.

SJ Options is the mentoring division of San Jose Options.  Our options mentoring program is focused on live options trading and managing positions.

We focus on option strategies that have been stress-tested against volatile markets and worst-case scenarios.  We provide proprietary options trading tools to its clients (we are not just your ordinary options mentoring course).  We are developers of instant-back testing tools, advanced volatility studies, probability tools based on statistical databases and much more.

SJ Options has developed game-changing option trading strategies over the years.  We've developed ways to increase trading probability metrics by 200% when compared to traditional option trading strategies.  For example, while the standard Iron Condor has a RPOP™ (Realistic Probability of Profit) of about 40%, we have developed techniques that have an RPOP™ of 80% or higher.

SJ Options is considered to be one of the most advanced options mentoring programs in the world.  We were the very first options mentoring program to teach Second Order Greeks, we developed the Vega Multiplier System which has been implemented by other options trading companies who have stated it's a revolutionary concept.  Our proprietary strategies and option trading tools are second to none, and they are feature-rich with patent pending technology.

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