Trading Corn Futures

Trading Corn Futures with SJ Options

In this excerpt from our options mentoring course, Duane is working with an option trade on Corn and presents information about the equity markets as a prelude to the class.
Duane has over 26 years of retail trading experience.

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Trading Corn Futures

Video Transcript

Do a quick look at the corn trade which actually is kind of nice to do and maybe it’s just reflection of my current disposition or attitude or frustration, frankly. We’re in such a flip-flop, news driven equity market right now because of all this physical cliff posturing. I do think it’s posturing.

I think these guys come out, make these statements because they want to be the guy who later can say, “Don’t you remember? I said I was willing to do this. It’s the other guys’ fault.” Unfortunately, we’re all the ones that are in this whip saw market place because of those shenanigans. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get it figured out but based on past performance, I don’t hold a whole lot of hope myself. But hey, the market does what it does and we’re going to have to live with that. that’s the equity market, push-pull tug of war, news driven by all these very significant headlines that is kind of nice to say, “Hey, let’s look at a vehicle, a new phase where we’re going to be a little bit more immune from all those gyrations.”

That takes us over to the commodity pit. I’ll change charts, go to the Think or Swim charts and here’s our corn chart and kind of we’re looking for just the momentum and direction of things then they’re going to adjust our trades accordingly. What I do find interesting is that even after our last class, we’ll just talk a little bit more about the Greeks and about how to better understand what they’re telling us. Today is really directly applicable in a very simple manner and simple fashion to this commodity trades and the way that we’ve been handling them. The reason for that is, we should come over to the analyze tab…